Fun with Madewell

And just that like my collaboration dream came true. Thank you Madewell for sponsoring this post.

It’s true that it doesn’t matter THAT much about your numbers, likes, engagement etc. I mean sure, it all kinda helps, but I think this is proof to all my fellow bloggers who struggle on the daily and get caught up in the dread (some days that’s me) that all the work, creativity and time and energy isn’t worth it… because guess what?

Sometimes they see YOU. An authentic being and that’s what matters most.

Sometimes it’s what you say, how you say it and happiness and feel of your photos. Granted, I use a professional photographer 75% of the time, whom I pay, because she’s the BEST but I do that because I know brands will notice the difference.

Anyway all of this to say DON’T GIVE UP. Shoot, play and share. The brands, relationships and partnerships will come – it’s just what you do with them from there. Send thank you cards, links to photos, flowers – whatever. We’re all figuring this ever changing social landscape out and we should play nice while doing it.

shoes, jeans, sweater, jacket and bag c/o Madewell



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