Palmer – 5 Months

Our sweet Palmer is 5 months and it seems like time is just flying by. He’s developing the sweetest personality and all of us can’t get enough of him.

Well, maybe at 3am … I kid.

He is getting SO big – let me explain…

  • He has TWO teeth and still a drooly face
  • The sweetest BLUE eyes
  • Eats big kid foods! Favorites are bananas and sweet potatoes
  • Enjoys nibbling on his toes
  • Favorite toys include: singing peacock and jelly cat books
  • LOVES his jolly jumper
  • Rolls over the second you lay him down
  • Can pull him into a seated position but needs some assistance when he gets there
  • Over 17 lbs and 27 inches – similar to Hudson at this age
  • Big fan of cell phones and apple watches – also loves to FaceTime
  • Rubs his head/hair when he’s drinking a bottle
  • When I rock him he likes to reach up and play with my mouth
  • Has perfected blowing raspberries
  • Fascinated by his pup
  • Can take out and put in his pacifier all by himself
  • Actually, puts everything in his mouth.
  • Tries to hold his own bottle
  • Does really well in the car still – win!
  • Still doesn’t sleep through the night, but some nights we’re lucky.
  • Wearing 6-9 month outfits and size 3 diapers
  • Obsessed with his daddy and I’m okay with it 🙂
  • Tough kiddo – getting constantly scared by hi older brother and does well with the nose frida!
  • Boy can SQUEAL!


Goodness how I love youuuuu. You have the sweetest face I’ve ever seen. You literally light up and give us the biggest open mouth smile every time we look at you. You giggle a bunch but you have this little grunt that is so cute and you have this honk thing that let’s us know when you’re not really happy. You rarely lose your mind and love car rides. You bring so much JOY and excitment and I’m in awe of your ability to bring another level of love I never knew existed. You and your brother are my entire world and I love watching you both grow up together. Mama loves you more than you will ever know, sweet boy.



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