5 Things

1 // Motherly Musings Posts

I’ve been referencing a lot of blog posts about Hudson to try to remember certain things – like habits, milestones, firsts etc. I ended up reading a bunch of my Motherly Musings posts which still ring true and actually left me laughing.

Even though it’s their playroom, it still has to look kinda-sorta nice(ish)
Kisses, even if they have boogers/spit/food all over their face, are always always welcome.
To catch yourself just staring at them, in complete utter amazement.
Sleeping baby photos are the best.

2 // Unfollowing

During maternity leave, I noticed a slight decline in engagement and followers. Part of me wants to frown and the other part, well gets it. It’s not all about fashion anymore and if that’s what you want then yeah, probably other accounts to follow. And just like the caption is to this sketch – I gotta do a IG clean out as well… so many are getting lost in the shuffle.

3 // Down to Earth

With designing a new house (again) from top to bottom this time, home decor like this and generally “down to earth” vibes is really what I’m going for.

4 // July To-Do List

I usually spot these in my feed and I’ll stop the scroll. Maybe not entire list motivates me, but usually a few do. It’s a nice reminder to set monthly goals. I can check one thing off the list – I did plan a girls night – can’t wait!

5 // Katherine Power on Pinterest

She has amazing style – no doubt – but she’s been pinning a ton of interiors and architecture lately that has me swooning. Who do you follow on Pinterest that is a must?!

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