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Motherly Musings

You find yourself watching Doc McStuffins just as intently as they are
You make sure everyone is fed before you begin to even eat your own dinner
Picking out “snacks” at the grocery store is for mommy, too! Popsicles please!
Naps that are over an hour are perfect, but over 2 hours are way too long. Anyone else miss their baby?
When they say “thank you” unprovoked your heart melts.
When he asks you to sing “Twinkle Twinkle” for the 100th time, as much as you’re SO OVER that song, you sing it anyway… and kiss his head. rub his back. breathe him in. because yeah… momhood.
Being completely dumbfounded when you go to download your first kid app on your iPad. Sooo many choices.
To take more video footage now because you know your little will love to see it over and over and over…
To constantly find your phone in disabled mode. Thanks, kid. 
When they get all upset about something you didn’t mean to do – sunscreen in their eyes or accidentally ate something spicy – your heart SINKS and you feel like the worst mom EVER, but it’s okay. It could always be worse and they still love you just as much. #mommoments
Even though it’s their playroom, it still has to look kinda-sorta nice(ish)
Kisses, even if they have boogers/spit/food all over their face, are always always welcome.
To catch yourself just staring at them, in complete utter amazement.
Sleeping baby photos are the best.
When he says “mama,” even though he just wants to use you for something, feels good.
But to also be mindful that “daddy” is there, too and could always use the love.
Firsts for them, are just as much (if not more), exciting for you. Zoo! Pizza! Ahh!
That all you really need is him to wake you up but a nice cup of coffee doesn’t hurt.

To have your kid repeat words or sayings because they say it so cute. #guilty
Other kids (parents, too!), the kind you don’t know, at parks and playgrounds that are already giving you a taste of what daycare/school is like. Sharing, people. Let’s work on it.

The hard truth that we have to try SO hard to present. But us moms gotta do it. Littles are counting on us.


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Motherly Musings

To find yourself just staring at your kid and thinking, I made you. 

To want to catch, brace and limit any falls, scrapped knees and/or bruise heads. But deep down you know you can’t. 
To think your kid is smarter than you most days. He knows sign language and well, you don’t. 
Dancing non-stop holding your 25+ lb little in the living room is totally a work out. 
To actually like Sherrif Callie and Doc McStuffins #homegirls 
To have the truck, police siren and dinosaur sound down. 
Before he takes a bite, you do. Because those kid fruit snacks are SO good. 
The thought of saying “13 months” is worse than saying a year.
To find yourself pointing out a bike or a puppy to the adults you’re with. 
To see your little in pure joy and actually feel it. 

Motherly Musings

Photo: Alli Schiller 

As much as you might miss the itty bitty babe, this little tiny human with a personality will continuously melt your heart.
Holy teeth! They change their appearance so much, but it’s so great when they can start feeding themselves. I know this kid will eat us out of house of home one day.
To burst with pride when strangers, even friends, mention how advanced and smart your little is.
When you see your babe with another babe their age – it’s so stinkin’ cute.
To be adamant when you document their firsts – first bike ride, first ice cream cone… you know the real firsts. Ps. we use an app Baby Connect for all things Hudson.
It’s okay to not conform to to a regular routine – he goes where we go, when we go.
When you get on your phone but get side tracked and look at baby photos for 15 mins.
To not just watch, but to participate and encourage his inquisitive, independent self. “You can do it! Big walker!” #bepresent
Actually talk to your 10 month old like he’s an adult and expect others to do the same – no baby talk, please.
When you buy baby goldfish for your tot and well, you both casually eat them when you’re out.
Baby belly laughs are the best medicine.
To start planning your babe’s first birthday two months out – granted he’s a New Year’s Day baby and well, as much as I’d like to make it a “simple” thing, the mom in me wants it to be  p e r f e c t.
With the holidays fast approaching you’re constantly thinking about all the things you can get your babe (hello, FIRST Christmas), but to also be practical – how can you give to other children*

And isn’t this photo amazing? My big guy and I got tons of photos from this mere little hour that I will cherish all my life. And I’ll be sharing those soon. 

*Nick and I did a Kmart trip a few years back and loaded up a bunch of toys and donated them. I think we’ll do the same thing, but also go through toys Hudson has outgrown and give them away. Being a mom, you almost have this insatiable urge to help other children and the holidays are a perfect time to do so. 

Motherly Musings

To be so upset over split breastmilk but to also be so upset about split formula powder. Guys, it’s not cheap!
Your instagram, twitter and Facebook feeds are all other mom and baby duos and/or super cute kid brands
To get them to understand that shaking their head means “no” even if that becomes a problem down the road. It’s so stinking cute.
To be mad you didn’t take a photo or video at a precise moment, but then to also be glad that you were totally present for it and the phone just had to wait. 
Perspective – my babe is still so tiny… unless you compare him to any other babe his size. 
You have more printed photos than frames. 
Every season and holiday is that much more exciting. Hudson’s first Fall!?! First Halloween?! #candyisformama
To have complete conversations with your little in the grocery store. “This is a banana. You love bananas. Say banana…” #b-a-n-a-n-a-s 
Kissing his face is like breathing to me. 
Was never. ever. a morning person… but I’d gladly take weekend mornings and sit on the couch with my babe, his bottle and Sherif Callie. 
To change your day-to-day to be more available, more present and more there for your family. So utterly and completely grateful for our new set-up. #momlife

Motherly Musings

When you see other kids you can’t help but imagine what yours is going to be like at that age
To not fully understand the cuteness of baby shoes til your babe starts to wear them #gamechanger
To be those parents that ask their server if they have bananas and plain sweet potatoes in the back
Being totally and utterly honest to other future moms in regards to things no one told you
To still laugh til you cry when they make the poop face
Can’t. Give. Up. The. Pump. (even though the supply is drying up) #dedicated
It’s okay if your babe is seven months and his nursery is still not complete
Crazy emotions when you go on your first trip without the little one.
Even though the Honest Co. diapers have been leaking at night, doesn’t mean he can’t sport the cute diaper prints during the day.
To be a sucker for “mom” clothes – like this tee and sweater 🙂
Everything turns into a song
To catch yourself just as intrigued by the cartoons on the screen
The need to document everything – like every first, every giggle and every smile.

Motherly Musings

Even after taking thousands of photos of him on your phone, you feel bad deleting even one
To truly appreciate the convenience of bottle feeding once solid foods enter the mix
You swear you heard “dada” 
To look back at photos from when they were weeks old and think that was so. long. ago. 
Mom and baby get togethers – a total thing. 
First trip to the mall as a family and he gets more things than either one of us 
It’s okay to not be the paranoid first time mom – I’m used to dog hair, dog kisses and dining tables. And with that, we’re pro vaccinations. 
The first time they cut themselves and they bleed. You feel absolutely terrible. And n e w s flash they’re not made of puppy dog tails and butterflies. 
To be totally amazed about what they remember. Yes, here is the banister you reach for every morning.
To do everything in your power to prevent stranger danger meltdowns at home. “Don’t worry Uncle Chip, it’s the hat. Right, Hudson!?”
To take back every harsh word I’ve said under my breath about people with strollers in crowded places. It’s a crazy hard game. 

Finding cute things on sale in the girl section. Like those shorts above 😉 he’ll never know. But grocery clerk, he’s CLEARLY a boy. 

He doesn’t rule the roost – we live our lives the way we want and he’s along for the ride.

Motherly Musings

Keep a car stash – diapers and wipes. Lesson learned. 
You know all he wants to do is lay on the floor and kick but all you want to do is hold him.
The subtle glow (aka bronzer) that’s been rubbed off on his face. It’s ok! #hypoallergenic 
You have a drawer full of clothes for him, but you still turn to the go-tos.
Get weirded out when anyone, other than family, kisses your kid.
When your babe falls asleep in your husband’s arms. Heart explodes.
The first time they start reaching for you. Yes! My baby!
To have days where all you want to do is kiss your babe over and over again. 
The first night your baby truly sleeps on his stomach… You truly don’t sleep a wink. 
To be a little sad when you start packing up clothes that don’t fit. #growingupfast #5outfitsaday
Pulling up in the driveway to see your two boys waiting for you in a rocking chair on the front porch is insanely cute. 
Falling more in love with your husband everyday, because well, he does so much and you couldn’t do it without him. 

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