Palmer – 4 Months

It’s kinda hard to believe that we have a 4 month old on our hands!

This kid is growing like a weed. Literally. All 16.5 lbs (75%!) and 27.4 in (97%) of him! He’s a pound heavier and 1 inch taller than Hudson when he was 4 months.

This big kid is all smiles, giggles and squeals. He’s only fussy when he’s super tired which happens – being the second kid and all you kinda have to roll with the punches.

He’s constantly chewing/sucking his fingers. Or mine. Or Nick’s. His teething game has started and he’s a not a fan of it. He goes through at least 1-2 outfit changes a day because of drool. We have the amber necklace but I don’t put it on him consistently enough.

We’re still learning a ton about him though – like his dislike for Florida summers. He hates being hot, being outside when it’s hot and has a short tolerance with the sun.

He does, however, like rattles, crinkle books, bibs pacifiers, his brother, silly faces, the staircase chandelier (always looks up!), looking at himself in the mirror and FaceTime/selfies.

We’re still working on tummy time and sleeping through the night. #exhaustedmama

Overall, he can use his core to sit up, has rolled over 2 times on his own over the past couple weeks, can pick up things like his pacifier and put it in his mouth, tries to hold his bottle, loves to stand with assistance and is just about ready to start solid foods! Weeee!


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