Stock Your Freezer for Summer with Nestlé®

This post is sponsored by Nestlé® Ice Creams but the thoughts and opinions are of my own.

In Florida, Summer comes quick. We’ve been in the mid-high 90s for weeks now so we enjoy relief wherever and whenever we can get it. Most weekends are spent out by our pool and more often than not we’ll have a cold ice cream after dinner.

We went to our local Target and got all of our favorites in one quick trip! It didn’t take us long to find ice cream and cold snacks for the whole family and we filled up a Target basket in no time.

Hudson’s favorite are the Outshine® Fruit Bars which is great because they are made with real ingredients. A tasty, refreshing snack for this hot weather but just as good for a 4 year old reward with friends. We honestly all enjoy these – so we get multiple flavors. Their new dipped chocolate fruit bars are SO good.

The Edy’s® Slow Churned Cookie Dough was dad’s pick! Nick loves batter type ice creams and this one is super creamy with delicious chunks of cookie dough. Ice cream doesn’t last long in our house so the tub was necessary.

For me, I try to stay away from dairy but on occasion I just want a creamy indulgence so these Skinny Cow® low fat ice cream sandwiches are the answer. They are a perfect size, come in multiple flavors and I don’t feel guilty eating one every so often. Trying to lose baby weight is always a challenge but that doesn’t mean I can’t treat myself from time to time. The mint flavor is my favorite!

So don’t forget when you roam through Target next to stock up on some summer goodness – have happy on hand from the freezer aisle!


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