Palmer – Two Months

it’s truly hard to believe that he’s two months already. We’ve finally hit our stride with our routine and days are just flying by.

He’s such a big kiddo though! 24.5 inches long (over 95%!) and weighs 12 lb 6 oz – pretty much right on par with Hudson when he was 2 months. He’s wearing 3-6 month clothes (he’s so tall) and holding onto size 1 diapers since we have a stock pile.

Eating 4.5-5 oz per meal and just started to sleep more than 5 hour stretches at night. We’re hoping he makes it to his nursery within the next week or so to get him accumulated to his room. It turned out so cute and I know we’ll all be happy to get our own spaces back.

He LOVES mornings, bath time, changing his diaper, sleep sacks and his car seat. HATES tummy time and when he scratches his face. He’s a total morning person and loves to talk and smile. He’s got a flat(ish) head that we’re hoping some extra tummy time can help, but we’re going to see a specialist to make sure he doesn’t need additional therapy or even a little helmet.

Overall, he’s the sweetest boy and I loveeee kissing his little face and neck off.


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