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Wells is TWO Months

Gosh, our baby is getting so big.

Over 11lbs and as strong as a 4 month old – he’s developing so fast. He’s cooing up a storm, loves to watch brother’s balloons or Hudson playing xbox and his smiles are infectious. We had our first sleep through the night and it was glorious. He’s barely fitting in his 0-3 months clothes and his hair is getting lighter.

I can’t stop kissing his sweet face and surprisingly really enjoying nursing this time around. He’s a sweet little bundle and we’re all still smitten.

We all love you little man.

Palmer – Two Months

it’s truly hard to believe that he’s two months already. We’ve finally hit our stride with our routine and days are just flying by.

He’s such a big kiddo though! 24.5 inches long (over 95%!) and weighs 12 lb 6 oz – pretty much right on par with Hudson when he was 2 months. He’s wearing 3-6 month clothes (he’s so tall) and holding onto size 1 diapers since we have a stock pile.

Eating 4.5-5 oz per meal and just started to sleep more than 5 hour stretches at night. We’re hoping he makes it to his nursery within the next week or so to get him accumulated to his room. It turned out so cute and I know we’ll all be happy to get our own spaces back.

He LOVES mornings, bath time, changing his diaper, sleep sacks and his car seat. HATES tummy time and when he scratches his face. He’s a total morning person and loves to talk and smile. He’s got a flat(ish) head that we’re hoping some extra tummy time can help, but we’re going to see a specialist to make sure he doesn’t need additional therapy or even a little helmet.

Overall, he’s the sweetest boy and I loveeee kissing his little face and neck off.

Two Months

He smiles and makes the sweetest sounds 

Eats up to 7-8oz per meal
Weighs 12 lbs 5 oz (little hippo)
Sleeping 7-8 hours at night
Wearing size 2 diapers
Not a huge napper 
Loves being bounced in his car seat 
Enjoys walks in his Bugaboo stroller 
A fan of baths and warm water 
Still mesmerized by ceiling fans and now TV
So much better at holding his neck and head up 
Can hold onto his giraffe pacifier 

Crazy how big he’s getting. 
Love him so much! 

Wells is Eight Months

my little Wells August is eight months in August and I love everything about this.

Jamie Gernert, Founder of WYC Designs

captured his love for post dinner beach walks and his first real experience with sand. our little chunk is a ball of happy and this mama is purely smitten.

  • King of rolling over every which way and sitting up
  • Has two bottom teeth
  • Big into pouches with sweet potatoes, carrots or apples
  • Dude loves hide and seek, toys that make noise and ELMO
  • Obsessed with his brothers
  • Hair is getting lighter but his eyes are getting darker
  • Waves “hello” to anyone and anything
  • Has figured out how to cry to get what he wants
  • Makes silly faces with his tongue
  • Occasional thumb sucker
  • Fan of all things water
  • Can hold his own bottle/pouch/spoon
  • Scrunches up his nose and fusses before he gets really mad

My sweet Wells,

I love you more than words will ever be able to express. I’m obsessed with you – everything about you. You’re turning into the cutest kid with the sweetest little personality and thee most adorable face. You love people and food and toys and I watch your expressions and BEAM. You kid, make all our world’s go round. You give all of us so much joy – you have my heart little man.

love always – your mama

Wells is Five Months

gah, baby boy you’re growing up quick.

I swear everything about him changes by the day. As we gear up for summer and all the camps, trips and the infinite kiddo juggle I really don’t want to miss a thing.

  • He’s babbling up a storm
  • Good at mimicking us – sticks his tongue out, blows raspberries and copies whatever we do
  • Can hold his bottle and put his paci in his mouth
  • Loves to be spooked! A sure way to get a giggle or two
  • Very much into watching his older brothers
  • Has figured out we have a dog
  • Has tried banana and sweet potato and really not sure about either of them
  • Still teething and drooling like whoa
  • Comfortably wearing 6-9 mo clothes
  • Likes to play with anything that makes sounds
  • Into walks and car rides
  • A champ at tummy time and can roll over from front to back
  • Getting blonder and more hazel eyed by the day
  • Has this one leg that likes to rock/bounce – almost as if it was his “happy tail”
  • Loves his dada something BIG
  • Genuinely wants to be in/around the action


I could just stare at you for hours. Your face is so sweet and your smiles and smirks are literally the best. Your rolls are really starting to take shape and I on occasion call you endearingly my “chunky monkey!” When you stretch and flex your feet right before a diaper change gets me every single time. Even though you’re still not the best sleeper around here, you are mostly happy and cheerful and I love your sweet personality. Soon enough you’ll be eating tons of big boy foods, crawling around and pulling yourself up. I see you sneaking into any brotherly situation and having a complete ball. I’m excited for many more firsts this summer – trips to the beach, first plane ride and other exciting milestones. Know I love you SO much and can’t imagine this world without you.


Palmer – 23 Months

I mean, he’s practically 2. He’s every bit of crazy and wild and rambunctiuos. When he’s happy he’s like REALLY happy. When he’s tired and cranky he’s REALLY cranky. He’s found new independence with being to get in and out of his crib quite successfully. He’s napped a few times in his rocking chair, because well… he can.

  • All things balloons and balls
  • Peanut Butter & Jelly Simple Song still a favorite! I sing it to him before bed every night.
  • Can count to 11!
  • Loves to sing happy birthday, ABCs and NSYNC Christmas tunes.
  • Favorite color is green.
  • Big fan of coloring and prefers to use his right hand
  • He’s a DIPPER – loves ketchup and will gladly dip anything into it
  • Obsessed with his Papa
  • Not a great listener and hates following the rules – certified boundary pusher
  • The sweetest demeanor and loves animals
  • Pretty sure he has a magnetic pull towards danger or risk
  • Total charmer – will never miss an opportunity to say “hiiiii!” to a stranger. Even if he’s in the backseat and there is motorcycle along side us.
  • Worships his big brother
  • Wears size 6 diapers but will pee through them at night
  • Has a favorite blankie with chewed corners
  • Likes to wear shoes and his helmet and will occasionally get upset when we go to take them off
  • Great at riding his bike and likes to sit on the big kid seat on the stroller
  • Wants to wear socks to bed
  • Ask him how old he is – 50% change he’ll either say 1 or 2
  • Ask him how old brother is – “brother is six.” #nailedit

Palmer James,

You have a way of pushing every button and still make me overflow with crazy love. You’re wildly different and I love your spirit. You make parenthood oh so challenging but I’m so grateful. I wanted you so badly and I wanted to give Hudson the greatest gift I had ever received before you boys were born – which is your Auntie Erin. Even though you test and push you also love right back even harder. I can’t get enough of you. I can’t wait to see how you change this next year – you’re going to be TWOOOO and I can’t believe it. Know how much I love you today and always.


Palmer – 20 Months

If there is danger, he’ll go for it. If it’s a NO, to him it’s a yes. He’s the I don’t need to wait for you to turn around, I’m going to do it anyway kind of kid.

  • He says things like “Go Away!”
  • If something stinks, he immediately says POOP
  • Goes on the big boy potty every night before bath time. Loves an audience.
  • He is pretty much a balance bike rider
  • Loves his dairy – yogurt, milk, cheese, ice cream
  • Gives his brother a hug every morning before school
  • Super ticklish
  • Wants to do everything big brother does
  • Wants to climb, run, jump
  • Climbs up the stairs saying “hard work”
  • Obsessed with Papa and “driving” cars
  • Likes to cuddle his puppy and give her his food
  • If you can’t find him he’s either in the powder bath tearing apart toilet paper or literally in Roxie’s dog bowls
  • Can open the micro drawer and turn the washer & dryer on and off
  • WAVES to anyone and everyone he sees. Friendly kiddo.
  • Tantrums on blast when he doesn’t get his way
  • Sesame Street on Tiny Desk
  • Peanut Butter & Jelly is his fav tune
  • He’s a ball of love and affection
  • Will sit still to get his hair brushed

Palmer James,

Here we go – the best time of year! The holidays are going to fly by, we’ll celebrate Hudson turning SIX and then we’ll book end our favorite months with you turning TWO. This year, although different, will be SO much fun with you. I already see you taking off every tree ornament, falling in love with all the twinkle lights and getting layered in Hudson’s old clothes as the temperature drops. You make everything exciting and new and fun again. Watching you and your brother literally fulfill my every dream and with all the crazy you add, you add pure magic. I love you, P.


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