My Second 2nd Trimester

Truly the easiest trimester. Once you’re in your second trimester all the “what ifs” start to subside a little, which is nice. You start showing more which is exciting and you finally get to feel the babe move. I went back and looked at my 2nd trimester post with Hudson and to my surprise these are actually pretty similar. Besides having more check-ups and being less physically active because of the partial placenta previa, I can’t complain – Here are few things about the 2nd trimester.


Feeling good about the weight gain and the belly! Still using Mama Bee Belly Butter everyday! Felt like these crazy hips and 5’9″ stature was helping me feel relative small.

Wishing I could do yoga, mostly for my mindset, but will be ready to pick it up again once little guy is born.

Random headaches, stuffy nose, minor back pain (typically at the end of the day) and leg cramps were occasional culprits.

The worst part was the ligament pain – crazy shooting pains around my groin that literally left me immobile. I couldn’t walk or take deep breaths. I would keep Tylenol on me at all times because I never knew when the pains would hit. Anyone else experience this?


In a really good place. Besides additional monitoring because of my placenta placement, it hasn’t been too bad to see the doctor more and get updates on how little man is growing. We saw a sonogram specialist during our 2nd trimester and had a really awesome look at our dude. He was moving all around and everything looked normal – great even! Visits like that are really nice even if my placenta is still technically in the way a bit.

I’m somewhat preparing for a c-section, even though it’s still too early to tell. I’ve never had one but I’ll do what the doctor recommends. Having Nick’s support too has been incredible.


Still with the yogurt, fruit and sweets! Noosa coconut yogurt with the almonds and cocoa toppings are so good! Tillamook Stumptown Coffee ice cream is delicious and ordering shrimp whenever I can.


Finally getting a few things out that were Hudson’s! Did my first load of 0-3 month clothes and ordered a changing basket for our room. We’re working on getting Hudson new furniture so we can get the nursery furniture into the other spare room. I ordered a rug and a bought a few things on our trip to Santa Barbara for this guy’s new room. Even though it will be the same furniture I’m going to make his room look entirely different.

Overall, I’m excited for the home stretch! Finally typing this out at 32 weeks, it’s getting close and the closer we get the more ready I feel.

This babe is a big mover, so I feel him in my ribs and on my side and he’s totally making it feel like home in there. He’s 97% in height, so there’s that. 



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