Second Trimester

Starting my third trimester here in Kauai – 28 week baby bump!

Thought I’d share my second trimester thoughts since my first trimester post got a ton of views…

Went through my first thing of Mama Bee belly butter (highly recommend it!)
I still have an innie and no stretch marks or itching yet…

Felt the “pregnancy glow” but that could be a nod to my Aveeno face products and Anastasia brow pencil 🙂

Occasionally slept with an extra pillow at night and experienced some minor lower back pain earlier on and random leg cramps.

My stuffy nose is starting to get better! I’ve been sneezing less and less. So thankful!

Maintained decent exercise – 2 days a week I went to yoga and did a ton of bike riding over the weekends with husband

Smoothies, fruit snacks, tacos (Mexican food), tootsie rolls, cereal (shredded wheat or lucky charms), sparkling water, Mellow Mushroom pizza, sour cream & onion chips, Cheeze-its, apples with peanut butter.

Getting Organized:

Finalized our registry! Thank you for making it easy.

Received my breast pump through our insurance company – huge relief!

We toured our hospital and got all registered.

Ordered his crib and dresser from Pottery Barn!

Baby shower plans are in full swing and I’m really excited about it – I’ve got great friends & family. And my sweet colleagues here at Rifle are doing the custom invitation 🙂

Blog love – thank you Splendid, Preggo Leggings, joy + olivia, Robeez, Zumba Apparel, Kohl’s and Milk Snob for your support! xo

My increased love for my husband – from doing more chores, to making my favorite foods, ordering belly butter from Amazon on his iPhone right before bed so I wouldn’t run out, to the way he rests his hand on my belly to feel Hudson’s movement and for the crazy feeling that he loves me even more now… I’m completely smitten.  

A lot on my mind still: finding possible day car options, researching a pediatrician, signing us up for a birthing class and possibly a breastfeeding class.

One thing at a time. 

3rd trimester excitement  
Homestretch! 84 days but who’s counting? 
Means the holidays are just around the corner! 
Which also means cooler weather and our first wedding anniversary #love
Washing all his tiny adorable clothing 
Packing our hospital bag 
Feeling him have the hiccups 
Finishing our little man’s nursery

The past two trimesters have flown by and life doesn’t seem to have changed a bit.
Assuming this last trimester will be a little different.

What’s the best and worst things about the third trimester? 


  1. You're such a positive person–I really admire that! I am 34 weeks and I feel like things go by so slowly! But the third trimester goes by pretty fast, especially bc it's the end of the year and all the holidays will keep you busy. I'd say the best part is that things really start to feel real and the worst part is feeling awkward from having a bigger body (taking of leggings is hard for me bc it's hard to reach down). Your belly will grow really fast from now! It's good that you took all those bump pics bc I was small like you and now when I show my husband my second trimester pics he is like whoa! What a difference! It's fun to look back. 😉 you're lucky you aren't itchy though! Whenever I feel a growth spurt coming on my skin gets super itchy. Enjoy the rest of your baby moon! 🙂

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