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thank you to Artifact Uprising for sponsoring this post.

We were fortunate to work with Artifact Uprising again this year for our holiday cards. We’re big fans of their products – from their everyday print sets, unique photo books and in particular large format prints that we swap out every year at this time. I trust their quality and their craftsmanship so it’s really cool to work with a brand that you generally love and use.

When it came time to choose a holiday card – it was between 3 different designs. I like to use multi images since Abby takes soooo many good ones! I love how simple and minimal their card designs are – bonus they use recycled paper, will address the envelopes FOR YOU and now have cute envelope seals to boot. Basically a one stop holiday print shop! 

Our cards this year are obviously very special because it’s our last as a party of three. This bump (at #24weeks) is a symbol of hope, joy and pure patience because it’s been a journey for us. To think that next year we’ll have a 10 month old with us while we snap holiday photos is a surreal thought – but that’s why making and keeping at least one holiday card for your family is SO important. It’s definitely one of my favorite holiday things to do.

As much as it may seem like a lot of work, it’s totally worth it – to dress up for 30 mins, be silly and laugh and take a second to document your family as it is in that precise moment.

I know I say it every year, but these are my favorite yet. Hudson was a total charmer and loved the extra attention. Nick tossed him in the air over and over again and he just giggled. We looked out for sand spurs and bugs and went out for tacos after. Basically us in a nutshell.

These two boys make my heart BURST and I’ll never be able to fully express to anyone just how much these two mean to me, but I hope when our dearest friends and family get our cards this year they can see it written all over my face. That I’m the luckiest. 


Here’s a quick video of how EASY it is to pick, customize and edit a card. 


For those still in need of holiday cards, don’t fret! We got you! Head over to Artifact Uprising and get 20% off your holiday card order (valid until 11/21) with code: WYC20 

Add their seals, maybe a custom calendar and an every day print set because memories are truly the best gifts.


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