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thank you to Artifact Uprising for sponsoring this post.

Hands down, one of my favorite things to do as the holidays approach is to get my little family together to take some photos that we can turn into amazing holiday cards and gifts. I’m an advocate for the hand written note, the personalized message and a unique way to show that you’re thinking of someone. And what better way by giving them a memory or a moment that they can always look back on?

I’ve purchased other Artifact Uprising products in the past (not through a sponsorship) because I genuinely love the products they produce in a really simple, warm and creative way. And when it comes to selecting a holiday card you want them to represent you and your families style. So this partnership was a no brainer! I keep one of our holiday cards each year, so when it’s time to address the new ones we can look back at them over the year and I find it really endearing.

These holiday cards ultimately tell a story, a glimpse of our family’s story, that I will forever hold dear.

I love the design we picked out – it’s very us and showcases some of our favorite photographs. I’m all about simplicity so the pairing with kraft envelopes and some washi tape really seal the deal. And this year Artifact Uprising is addressing envelopes which we’ve never done in the past. GUYS – what a game changer! And for only .40 cents a card. Just do it. 

The older we get the more we realize it’s not about the amount of gifts we receive, but the quality of the ones we do. We’re all capable of buying that particular clothing item, that Amazon score or maybe even a subscription box. This time of year is a reminder to take a step back… because at the end of the day the best gifts are in front of you and without a doubt captured on your camera roll. It’s a classic, nostalgic and meaningful way to make other’s mailboxes’ merry.

If you like this card (I’m clearly obsessed!) you can find it here – among a T O N of others! AND because Artifact Uprising is so great enjoy 20% off your purchase til 11/29 with code WYC20 – tis’ the season!

Since we had a few cards left over (which I always recommend) I grabbed some picture frame ornaments and used the photos from a card! Perfect for a present topper or to add to yours (or even family) Christmas trees!


Wood desk calendar $30 | post card pack $30 | instagram prints + stand $37 | thank you card set $20

 What is your season’s intention? Here’s mine.


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