My Second First Trimester

Kinda weird typing that out, but well I’m excited to say our first trimester with our second babe has come and gone.

Comparing it to Hudson, I thought it dragged on – we found out were pregnant early again, so to wait 3+ months after two miscarriages felt like an eternity. It truly was the longest and hardest trimester – trying to hide it and just HOPING that this time it was going to all work out.

Even though this pregnancy is very different than when I was pregnant with Hudson – there was one thing in common. No morning sickness, but since I broke down my symptoms and how I dealt with them the first time, I thought I would do that well, a second time…


Again, was the first real symptom for me. I felt like everything I ate just stuck around a bit longer and things were fitting snug sooner rather than later. I upped my water in-take and tried to eat slower so I wouldn’t eat past being full. For the most part, those two things help. And you can pop a Tums if you need too – just read the label.


I’m truly not a huge coffee drinker, though I live with one. I love a good cup (okay, half a cup) here and there but when the temps drop and the fall drinks come out I’ve got a weakness. Fall beer is like my favorite beer ever, so I just justify a fall decaf coffee drink to scratch my fall beverage itch. Though some headaches might be caffeine related, I think the rest of the time it’s because I need 1) good sleep 2) WATER. So those two things have been critical. Plus, a Tylenol if I really need it. When I was pregnant with Hudson I stayed away if I could, but being a mom and being pregnant sometimes you need quick relief because you don’t have the time or luxury to wait it out.

Lack of Energy

A biggie! Am I right? Weekend naps were back and they were glorious. When Hudson would go down for a nap, I would, too. But to biggie back on this lack of energy bit, I was also encourage to rest. Around 10 weeks they found a subchorionic hematoma which caused spotting and turned me back into panic mode. No more yoga, bike rides, lifting heavy things – basically rest and put your feet up. And on top of that I’ve had partial placenta previa, which also encourages rest and not over doing it. It all jived with my first trimester though since I was tired a lot, but now in my second trimester and feeling like I have some energy back (no more hematoma! yay! but my placenta is still in the way a bit) so I wish I could be more active, but still I gotta wait.

Stuffy Nose

My nose always gets worse – every morning it’s stuffy and on occasion bloody. I sneeze a ton and it itches and irritates my eyes. Just like with Hudson, my nose with a mess and probably the most annoying symptom yet because there isn’t much I can do about it. Besides having tissues in every room of the house.



I stopped eating a lot of dairy after Hudson was born. I just didn’t feel great after eating ice cream, or cereal or even a milkshake. So I went straight to almond milk and coconut milk desserts. But with this pregnancy I’ve been wanting Noosa yogurt (made with cow milk – either for breakfasts or snacks) and have been feeling fine! I’ll add berries, bananas and granola and it’s awesome. For my after dinner treat it’s been Oreos. Don’t ask me why – but Oreos are officially the weird craving item. Unlike with Hudson I wanted brussel sprouts and chips.

Overall, it was a stressful time that I’m glad we’re through. I love feeling him move and totally ready for the next two phases.


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