Our Rainbow Babe Coming February 2019

It’s really happening – like we’re over 17 weeks in and after 16 months of trying, 2 miscarriages, umpteen lab tests and hormone supplements we’re getting our second babe. The baby we thought would be easy – like Hudson was – has put us on a journey we didn’t expect, but here we are – overjoyed with gratitude and a new found perspective on just how special and beautiful this whole process is.

The first trimester was interesting this go around for me – mostly because I tried hard to kind of put it out of my mind. To not dwell or think about the what ifs. I paid attention to every symptom – nausea, sore breasts, weird aversions to food or being just plain tired and I was HAPPY to be feeling those things.

Happy to feel sick every morning – happy to not want breakfast – happy to find that random hour and take a solid nap.

This whole subchorionic hematoma thing, though small(ish) in size, has been limiting and strange to deal with. No more yoga or exerting myself. I need a few extra dr. appointments to monitor it but hopefully before the 3rd trimester it resolves on it’s own.

Overall though, especially now – I’m feeling great. I’m confident, proud and even ready to show this growing bump with pride. I’m starting to feel movement which is a surreal feeling. Not knowing if or when this feeling was going to happen again and here it is – this beautiful little soul.

Being more aware of other women’s struggles, I won’t be “over-sharing” this whole pregnancy. I’ll share trimesters and what not, but if anyone has any questions or wants to reach out to talk about what I’ve gone through let’s do it – shoot me an email.

Lastly, thank you to My Domaine and Hatch for being so supportive early on and for helping me with a voice in an area that needs more support. Those in my inner circle never had a miscarriage before so I never really had an outlet that could relate to what was going on with me so I thought it was important to share our story socially in hopes that maybe someone (like me) needed a resource.

Maybe they needed to hear that it’s common, that it’s okay and that you’re not broken. Our bodies are brilliant and trusting it, nourishing it is the best thing (as women) that we can do.

ps. those still interested in the ava bracelet – it was really helpful and a great source of information (I would totally recommend it) – get $20 off with code CLOSET.

photos: abby cox

jumpsuit c/o hatch | shoes vans


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