5 Things

1 // Old Navy Shopping Cart

They have so many good things right now – I’m dying to go. Most of these are in my online cart, but with Old Navy I prefer to try things on – what do you think?


2 // Lilly’s Home Tour on AD 

I love how eclectic it is – warm, lived in but still really cool. She also has an endearing personality so I could watch her talk about her house for hours. Photo by: Leslee Mitchell

3 // Sugar Obsessed 

I use their lip treatment on the daily – but these new flavors and packaging have me wanting all of them. Living in FL melt proof products are essential.


4 // Sharp Objects

YOU GUYS! We just finished this and it’s literally insane. Like crazy, weird, insane. Amy Adams did an amazing job – the whole cast did really. As much as I’m bummed there won’t be a second season, I’m kinda relieved – my psyche needs a break. Watch though if you like a solid gothic, horror type of show.

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5 // Dining Room Goals

Forget the super formal dining room set up – love how comfy and cozy this is. I would without a doubt want to eat every meal here.



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