5 Things

1 // Gimme FIGS

I’ve been pinning so many fig recipes – they all sound so good! I tried my first fig at New General and fell in love with them. Do you have a fig recipe?! Share please!

2 // Olive and June Nail Decals 

I never do nail art – it takes forever and costs a small fortune, so I’m stoked they came out with cute nail decals that I can totally do at home. I mean these sprinkles and ice cream!? Gah, so cute. 

3 // Splendid Indeed 

I just got this dress from Splendid and even though I haven’t shot in it yet, I had to share because it’s SOOO good. If you have an event coming up or in need of a midi dress fix – this one is it. I’ll style it and share it very soon. 

4 // Anyways

Love this quote but it truly sums up life. Plus, the gal behind the design does a rad job – her site is super cool. #girlboss

5 // Sound On

When Nick played this other night, I was like ” New Bon Iver?!” Surprisingly, no. So hmm, how does Bon Iver feel about it? Heck if I know but what I do know is that this was quickly added to my “medley of favorites” on Spotify.


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