The Father’s Day Shop

Let’s be realistic – MEN buy whatever they want, whenever they want ALL the time.

Well at least my dad and husband are like that so it’s nearly impossible to buy for them. So my stance on Father’s Day is 1) just ask them 2) buy what you know they need  or 3) just go DO something cool

And whichever you decided, something from the babe would be alright, too.

A few things I know they need:


Go DO something cool:

Treat them to a movie / a camping weekend / head to the beach / concert tickets

Dad’s are all about the experience than the stuff. As much as we’d like to spoil them with random stuff, they would (most likely) rather go on a bike ride or something. Better get the bike pump out. 🙂

GRATEFUL beyond words for the amazing fathers in my life – can’t wait to celebrate them this weekend.


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