5 Things

1 // Letterfolk Nailed it

Coming off of Mother’s Day – this quote sums up motherhood in a nut-shell. I save so many of their Instagram squares, it’s kinda ridiculous.

2 // Congrats Chriselle!

She’s got a voice and she’s using it in a way that I really love. She’s expecting baby #2 after sharing her miscarriage experiences and as a mama who can totally relate, women who open up like this provide me comfort. I hope my stories do the same for you.

3 // Taylor’s Custom Vans

She designed these high tops and I think made the best looking combo around. Vans, I’ll gladly buy her designed pair.

4 // Blueberry Cashew Bars from True Roots

I’m a total KC fan and I know she pushes her True Roots cook book to death – but these bars look amazing. Has anyone tried them? Do you own the cookbook, is it worth to buy!? Asking for a friend.

5 // $100 Wrap Dress by Everlane

I’m working with Everlane on some upcoming content which I’m so stoked about, but while we plan all that I thought I would share their latest and greatest – the simple yet perfect $100 wrap dress. Snag one (or two) for Summer.


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