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1 //  Summer Essentials

Basically a one stop shop for summer hats, bags and accessories. Oh and did I mention for reasonable prices? This round basket bag is SO cute and under $50!

2 // Surf Rider Malibu

Their Instagram is new and seriously #goals. Malibu has been on my list for awhile now and with this new little gem I think I might move it up a notch on the travel list. CA you’re pretty and I’m pretty much always weak for you.

3 // Saje Wellness

The caught my eye with their packaging – but has anyone actually used this stuff? I’m seriously contemplating either 1) making my own cleaning supplies (that I know my husband would not like) or 2) buying organic, all natural, SAFIER cleaning products. Spill your beans, please.


4 // New Paper Kites Album

Sucker for Aussies I guess. Between these guys and  the 1975 they rule my playlists lately. Their sound is refreshing and totally my speed. Do yourself a favor and give their new album a listen.

5 // Understanding Secondary Infertility

The Tot just published this article. The title (obviously) caught my attention and even though I haven’t been diagnosed with an issue, I can’t help to think sometimes the “what ifs” – but maybe this article educates you a little bit to ask different questions and maybe even gives you hope. xx

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