Making it Work

So to be honest this outfit looked a little bit different in my head. Maybe it’s because I’m super critical of my knees and lack of a tan where I don’t find this outfit amazing. BUT we can’t always love what we wear and we kinda have to roll with it sometimes. At the time though, I remember walking up and down the street thinking “this is cool – the wind is blowing – I’m feeling really tall” but then in the photographs I’m not overly digging them.

Guess what?! That’s life and I’m posting them anyway to show my vulnerability. Just because I’m over critical of myself sometimes, doesn’t mean I can’t share that part either. I think next time, I would change the shirt and shoes.

photos: abby cox

shorts and sweater Abercrombie & Fitch | shirt Able | mules | sunnies Warby Parker



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