5 Things

1 // I NEED these dot pants

Sooo yeah, Ascot & Hart wins again – I have a shopping cart with 5 items in it, but I just can’t seem to spend the $$! Please help 😉 I kid. Kind of.

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2 // This House COLOR

Seriously ya’ll – I dream about it. Am I weird? Don’t answer that. But this house is simple yet different and still amazing classic.

3 // South and West

Who has read this book? Would you recommend it? Goop did, so I’m highly considering it.


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4 // Life Fashionable – Responsibly

We just so happened to grab coffee next to this place in Nashville. It’s a gem with good ethics and morals – their bags and denim aren’t bad either.

5 // NEW General Goodness

We did a few teasers from our styled shoot yesterday with New General and a few other creatives. It was fun, crazy and I’m stoked to be working with them.


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