Closet Staples That I Have Multiples Of

The best way, I think, to see what your favorite pieces of clothing are is to see which pieces you have multiples of. So I thought I’d go through some pieces that I clearly can’t live without and share them all with you. These are hands down my CULT favorites:


Madewell crewv-neck t-shirts are seriously my favorite. I always order them a size up since I like things a bit baggy and extra comfy. They always have amazing sales so you can snag them super cheap and they have a ton of colors. Also, the v-neck cut is a flattering fit.

Distressed High Waist Jeans

I’ve started a Levi’s collection (their wedgie fit is my ultimate fav!) but I also have some DSTLD,  Madewell and Re/Done that are on heavy rotation. I like character in jeans, too – from vintage fits, distressed marks and frayed hems.

Classic Sneakers

I wear them just about everyday since I frequent job sites. Old Navy has the best sneakers because 1) they are affordable 2) fit perfect 3) come in multiple patterns so you can technically wear the same shoe but play with patterns. I have three pairs!

Cardigan Sweaters

Surprised? No. I know. But seriously they are my favorite grab and go item! I’m all about comfort and if it’s cute, even better. I snag most of mine through Abercrombie sales – typically $30 or under. J. Jill and Amazon Fashion are great places, too! Another piece where I also size up.

No Wire Bras

Again, comfortable. Between Wear Lively, Madewell and J.Crew I have enough to wear a different one every day. Plus, they go well with the v-neck t-shirts.

Fancy Loafers

So you don’t need a ton of these, I get – but I have a black and blush pair from Kate Spade New York that I wear allllll the time. When I need to dress something up a bit, or when I travel – I always bring them.


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