5 Things

1 // Kasia Jewelry

HI – typical girl here! Drooling over diamond bands because the honest truth is I love them. Can a girl really have too many? Trick question.

2 // Perfect Vintage Collection

Madewell stepping up their denim game even more. With all the Levi’s I’ve collected over the last year, these might give them a run for their money. Vintage denim is the real deal.

3 // Rainbow Connection

SPRING is in full color and ALL the new Loeffler Randall rainbow additions make me SMILE.

4 // Tom’s Shoe Game

Always been a fan of their products and I CANNOT get over how cute their new sneakers and mules are. How does a girl decide?! What is your favorite?


4 // Ceramic Bells

During our trip to San Cristobal, we noticed so many ceramic bells hanging around the property. I loved them, but not the price tag. Found these cuties from World Market and I think they would be the perfect addition to our back porch.


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