My little boy is THREE!

It honestly feels like yesterday that we were JUST at the same park celebrating his 2nd birthday.

This year he’s grown soo much and I can’t help but to watch him in amazement. He’s OUR kid. It still blows my mind at times.

He’s becoming more and more independent “mama, let me do it!” “mama, I wanna do it by myself!”

He’s like this little man now that I can joke with, play with, talk to and cuddle with. I feel so blessed to have this kid in my life – that I get to be HIS mama for all of my days. Makes my heart so happy. New Year’s Day will forever be the greatest celebration in my book. The world gained a true gem.


Gah, I love you so much. You have such a sweet spirit – from loving a good tune, being fearless on a bike and for always wanting to make your dad and I so proud. We see you try, think and learn and we couldn’t be more impressed with every passing day. You SHINE my sweet boy and I love how you have this empathy for people and animals that’s so endearing. Lately you’ve been making up silly stories and faces – you love dinosaurs, monster trucks and your new piano and monorail that you got for Christmas. I hope a day never goes by where you don’t realize that you’re the center of my universe. 
Happy birthday to my favorite boy in the whole wide world. 
Mama loves you. 


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