How in the world is this sweet little boy TWO?!

If I would have known he was going to be a New Years baby I swear I would have gone to sleep earlier on New Year’s Eve, but you know he truly came at the perfect time.

That day is still so clear in my mind. From waking up at 5am and counting contractions till 9am. From being turned away from the hospital that morning and waiting til 1pm (when I just couldn’t stand it anymore and ironically just when Nick got all the Christmas lights down) we went back.

After we were admitted and mama got some pain relief we rented some silly movies and watched them on Nick’s computer. We talked, we laughed and we were totally ready. Little dude was coming!

He wasn’t born perfect (huge cone head!), it wasn’t this blissful birthing experience, but he was healthy and truly the sweetest little guy. Never once gave us trouble. Never once made us think, “what did we get ourselves into?!” He was ours and that day on we were the Gernerts – party of three.


Happy birthday my sweet boy!
Being your mom is truly the most amazing gift I could have ever received.
This day will forever be one of my favorites.
I absolutely watch you in awe, I smile so much my cheeks hurt and your kisses and hugs as of late have seriously put me to mush.

You’re insanely smart – you talk, you repeat, you use your manners and ironically a total 80’s rock super fan. You bring so much JOY to our lives but also to the people around you.

Everyday I love you more than the last.

Happiest of birthdays my sweet little man.

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