22 Months

Is practically Mr. Independent
Can ride on his balance bike
Loves playing with any steering wheel
Still obsessed with his lawn mower (used it has is candy bucket last night!)
Will rake the grass and tell us he’s picking up “poops!”
Will use the potty a couple times a week.
Outfield is his favorite band.
Will sing along to Justin Timberlake’s new song 🙂
Loves hanging up calls on FaceTime
Can go up and down the stairs all by himself. We accidentally let him test it out.
All about Paw Patrol – still. Chase is his favorite.
Book favorites – all the Little Blue Truck books, It’s a Book and Good Night Construction Site
Requests pancakes every morning for breakfast.
Tells us about his day when we put him to bed.
Wipes down the counter in his bathroom every single night.
He tries to play “hide & seek” in the couch seat cushions.
Little carts at Trader Joe’s are his JAM.
Always asks to “help” – vacuum, sweep, wipe down, you name it.
Can successfully feed the dogs now and give them treats!
Working on his dribble

Can sing the ABCs
Counts to 20 
Knows all his colors
Still not sure about his dominant hand – he uses both.
Figured out that going down slides on your tummy is more fun than your bottom.
Jimmy Buffet Sirus radio makes him smile and play air guitar


Sweet babe, 

I love you so much. You are seriously turning into the sweetest little dude. You say “good morning” every morning and “sweet dreams” every night. You say “thank you” unprovoked. You crack yourself up. You jam out on your little ukulele and request Outfield at least 10x a day. 
I can’t get over how big you are. You went trick or treating last night and had SO much fun. You took your lawn mower everywhere and put candy in it. I just love watching you grow, learn and develop into this super cute kid. You make me so stinkin’ proud. 

Let’s make these last two months of year ONE the greatest ever. 


Your mama 


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