We got our Halloween ON this weekend and this mama is already ready to get home to prep for tonight. 
This kid makes all the simple joys SO much better and seeing him light up tonight is everything. 
Hopefully we don’t encounter too many Darth Vadars, because he’s seriously NOT a fan. 
Can’t blame ya, kid. 
Happy halloween sweet friends! 
| Hudson in mid “cheeeeese” also while eating a popsicle |

| the sweetest skeleton (old navy pjs w/ chucks |
| modern scarecrow mama with AF shades and simple make-up – I didn’t buy a thing! |

| And since he’s a master at lawn mowing and racking, we thought this little costume was a no brainer |

| loving our porch set up this year – so much character and no carve pumpkins! going to keep it up as long as I can 🙂 |


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