Life Lately

| fridays aka mama days |

| hand and hand going to open gym. and then it was snack time! #yumforall |
| he likes berry and i like the vanilla – perfect pair. Mamas – these Annie’s organic yogurt tubes are the best. |

| where did my baby go? |

| we eat these @outshinesnacks on the DAILY. going to do some cool arts and crafts with these sticks when we’re done 😉 #snackbrighter |
| fallish home thangs |

| “mama, hand!” sure thing, let me pick up my heart first because it exploded. |
| this @gap sweater among other things on super sale. coming to the blog soooon! |
| his nanny says he’s the cleanest frozen fruit bar eater she’s ever seen. #proudmom #snackbrighter |

| loved this spread and the extra girl time. still wine left over, so need to do round 2! #winesofgarnacha |

| we’ve been true lovin’ lately #fossilQ |

| THIS. PHOTO. is my favorite. Does it get any cuter? He put things I asked him to in the cart. He unloaded them at the register AND he put his cart back. Gah, I miss my baby but this little guy is so fun. |

| play dates and @outshinesnack fruit bars FTW |
| pssstt. we little video with @outshinesnacks – did you see it?! |

| so this (above) is getting more serious. everyday he does the darn thing at least ONCE on the potty. i’m still not sure if i’m ready for this adventure, but i’ll follow your little lead man. you rock. |
| ps. we’re super happy campers DAD is home. and yes, these are new specs and I loveee them! |


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