Every time you ask if this kid is hungry he’ll yell “popsicle” if we’re home or “ice cream!” if we’re out running around. 
Needless to say, he’s totally our kid and loves a good cold treat. 
However, being a mama I don’t want to give him those things every time. I want to get him something that tastes good, but IS GOOD
We’ve been buying Outshine Snacks for Hudson the family for months now. I crave a good coconut fruit bar (their’s is the best) and well, Hudson will eat any of them, all of them, whenever. 
With the Florida heat, stupid humidity and just the real fact we have a kid, we need to have a freezer stocked. How else do we get him to come inside from outdoor play?  Or get him to eat his peas? 
Bribery friends, this mama isn’t above it. 
They have all sorts of delicious flavors made with real fruit / ingredients. Some even include veggies and you would NEVER know it. 
So big thanks to Outshine for 1) making fruit bars the JAM 2) making fruit bars everyone in this family will eat 3) making it possible to #SNACKBRIGHTER 

Seriously, mama approved. 
Now I have to buy TWO boxes so he doesn’t eat them all. 


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