Guide to: Influencer Networks

Maybe you’ve seen them in blog posts… “sponsored by”
Or you’ve received some long winded email to try a new blogger program…

Influencer Networks are everywhere. 

They are networks that help brands manage social/influencer programs.

I mean call us what you want – storytellers, influencers, bloggers, early adopters etc. We all want to work with brands we love and now with such a saturated market place these aggregates prove to help both the brand and the blogger sift through the monotony.

The crazy part is, influencers are now taking up a good chunk of any marketer’s campaign.
Yay for us!

Here are just a few influencer networks that I’ve had the experience working with and can speak to directly. I’m sure there are plenty more, but here’s what I know:


By far my favorite community. They do amazing job of pairing you with brands that work to your interests, lifestyle and content. In total I’ve done 14 campaigns through them partnering with brands like thredUP, Publix, WeWood, Baxter of California and Gerber to name a few. The dashboard isn’t as pretty as some of the others but it’s useful.
They do a brilliant job at curating all the content topics you need, social links, and they set a campaign manager to help you through the process.
You get paid by clicks. The more your click goals are met the higher your goals/limits will become. Which translates to higher pay-outs. They pay after within 10 days of expired campaign through Paypal.
Only thing to note, campaigns usually start quick after you’ve been approved for it. So make sure the timing works! 

Fohr Card*

I was introduced to them at Lucky Fabb conference in LA 4 years ago. Pretty sure they were a start-up then and really trying to pave the way for other communities. I have yet to receive a campaign through them but they do provide (2) neat service products that I use.

  1. Ability to message brands directly to promote yourself 
  2. They turn your stats/social channels into a marketing tool – you can share your Fohr Card website or download your stats (real time) for digital media kit. 

Bloglovin’ Activate

It’s a trusted source for sure. Bloglovin’ is the blogger hub. So it seems like a natural fit. It’s still a new(ish) concept for them so I’ve noticed a few kinks within their dashboard, but I’m still willing to give it a try.


I’ve received a lot of potential campaigns through my Izea dashboard but I’ve yet to accept one. These you really need to take the time to read and vet before you offer your bid. Where Linqia really pairs you up with your interests, Izea pushes programs for specific social channels. Tweets vs. Facebook posts. They want you to “upgrade” your plan to have better access to brands, but on the bright side they provide referral links on select products through eBay and Target and also give their users discounts to other retailers like Best Buy and Jet.

The Cirqle*

I really enjoy the mechanics of their platform – apply for active campaigns and/or pitch to other brands. The user experience is super clean and quick. I have yet to receive a campaign through them but I will point out a good percentage of their brands are European and therefor want an European influencer. Not all brands are like that though OR they would prefer the American market, either way read what group they are looking for before you apply and potentially look like a dummy. I’m still going to use it because surprisingly enough, I’ve got some European visitors to this little blog of mine 🙂 oh heyyy guys! 

I really hope you guys enjoyed this post and possibly learned a thing or two.
Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions on this.
Or have any questions for me in general.


*You need to apply to these communities. They don’t accept everyone. 


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