Toddler Travel Tips

We’ve done some traveling lately – this little family of mine.
California, Boca Grande and soon back to California again (t-minus 6 days) 

And I remember doing a lot of research and asking fellow mama’s their travel secrets and asked if ya’ll would like me to post about it…

well you said yes, so here you go: 
I usually have my own personal carry-on and Hudson’s diaper bag with me on the plane. 
For a long flight, like our recent trip to CA (almost 6 hours) I stocked up on *NEW* Dollar Store toys and games. 
I also packed his favorite snacks and a new juice bottle (good2grow) which comes with a character lid. Hudson loved the Mickey head and was also a hit to drink from during take off and landing. 
Diaper bag:
A handful of diapers and a pack of wipes (buy diapers when you get to your destination)
(2) changes of clothes
(1) blanket
(1) sippy cup 
Plastic recyclable bags (just incase you have dirty clothes or diapers) 
Food pouches/snacks 
Travel size lotion, diaper cream, laundry detergent and bubble bath in a clear ziplock bag. 
Toys – cars, trucks, books, coloring books, puzzles etc. Any overflow will end up in my personal carry-on. 
Pack a bunch of extra clothes, pajamas, blankets, monitor etc in your suitcase and check it. You’ll thank me later.  
I’d recommend a stroller, even if your babe is a walker. Carrying bags and maneuvering a toddler isn’t easy.
If you’re renting a car, rent the carseat. The last one we rented, was actually quite nice and Hudson seemed to like it. They are so bulky to pack! But if you do, bring a large garbage bag and wrap it up at the gate. It’ll protect it a little bit. 
When we travel we typically turn an iPad or a phone into a white noise machine for naps and bedtime, so we don’t have to pack the one at home. It’s just as affective. 

Use the stroller, if you’re bringing one, around the airport. Hudson actually pushed his around for 30 mins or so while we were waiting at the gate. It was perfect. 
I also bought a large water to keep in his diaper bag (post security of course), so I could readily fill up his water cup.
Change their diaper right before you board. 
Board LAST – I think it’s crucial, if you have a mobile kid, let them get their energy out till the very last second. 

Bulk head seating worked really well for us. We pulled out the essentials to have on hand, but the extra space and no people in front of us gave room for Hudson to sit and play at our feet. 
Window and isle seats help, too. Hudson pointed out trucks when were coming in to land. And if they get restless, that’s okay – walk them up and down the isles for a change of scenery. Helps to stretch your legs, too. 
If you’re coming up to milk/bottle time, just ask a flight attendant. It may not be the style/brand you normally give them, but they don’t care. 
We downloaded our very first kid app (guys, the selections and choices is crazy town) but we ended up on this Daniel Tiger app that was a perfect surprise. This was our backup plan if everything else went haywire… he loved it! So yeah, I’m a mom that recommends a good app or two. 
And to go off of that, if you have a tablet with a detachable keyboard, bring it – Hudson loved to type and we went over letters and numbers with him off and on the trip. 
Traveling with kids can be so stressful and we as parents can easily get so worked up over it, but at the end of the day – we’re doing the best we can. You might find yourself next to a super nice neighbor, or better yet an empty seat! 
Remember, myself included, all of this is just temporary and with that every moment should be embraced. 

Even the stressful ones. 


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