Baxter Dads

All about those #BaxterDads this Father’s Day.

Ever since Nick tried their deodorant, he’s been hooked. He never thought he would find a natural, aluminum free deodorant that would work. On him. In Florida. In Summer. And this one does.

So I was excited to get more products from this awesome line for him to try.

It’s fair to say that the guy’s routine is more simple than ours and will most likely consist of products they can find at their local barber or grocery store.

So let’s do the guys a favor and amp up their grooming routine because…

1) They deserve quality products just as much as we do
2) We know what we’re buying | Baxter Brand is top notch!
3) They have great gift options: Shave Duo set, Travel Set, Vitamin Cleansing Bar, Skin Kit
4) And lastly there is something so cute about a father and son in the bathroom. Teaching them good skin habits, how to shave, or style their hair… gah. Hudson already takes after his dad.

So hop to it! Stuff a Yeti tumbler with some Baxter products and you’re bound to make the man’s day!
They do so much for us, am I right?


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