Seventeen Months

While we were on vacation our little man turned 17 months old. 
We did the math, besides our house, he has spent more time in the vacation house in Boca Grande (2 whole weeks!) 

Talking up a storm “HEY!!” “Oh oh truck” “Nigh nigh bear” “Bye bye daddy” “Down pah-weese”
Obsessed with “driving” things – playing with the car steering wheel and now Papa’s boat
Calls out the food he’s eating before he takes a bite
Maneuvering the Daniel Tiger app on our iPad like a whiz
Asks to see “videos” – preferably of himself or with his dad or Papa
Knows when we are getting close to the house and asks for his lawn mower (favorite toy)
A little mischievous and doesn’t like the word “no”
A snacker, like his mama.
Ask him if he’s strong and he’ll make fists, throw his hands up and grunt
Tells us if he toots, poops or burps.
Can tell the difference between a can, water bottle and beer 😉
Auntie Erin taught him how to “cheers!” clink glasses, drink and say “ahhh”
Total WATER BOY – rain, sprinklers, puddles, pool, ocean, splash pad. Kid will find water.
Can give you a fist bump.
Loves being chased – he’ll giggle so hard he’ll snort!
Still hasn’t fully figured out silverware yet
Can open up the fridge and pull out the milk.
If you ask him to put something in the trash, he’ll do it. #score
Still teething + being a mama’s boy = some melt downs recently
Big into repeating names – he nailed every name from our trip last week.
Apparently has a girlfriend. Her name is Jen O’Shaughnessy.
Will eat some bacon!
Likes to pat our backs
“Wheels on the bus” he likes to act it out and scream TOWN
Wants the “pewwwter” or phone so he can “pipes” aka type. Crazy kid.
Can climb up on the couch and chairs with little effort.
If he sees an interior door open, he’ll close it.
Officially has an Instagram account, but his dad won’t let me post to it #hudsongernert



I’m not sure why, but I’ve been calling you that lately. Maybe it’s because you’re bouncing around everywhere we go. You’re into everything, but you’re also more patient. You sit with mama every morning after your bottle/breakfast and we watch videos. We laugh and talk and just sit. It’s a nice way to wake up and I’m loving it. 
You learn so fast – everyday your learning new words and using them on repeat. 
This past vacation was so fun – you loved the beach, especially the sand. Dad would call you a sugar cookie! You swam your little heart out and instantly became the captain of Papa’s boat. 
Everyone just loves you and I love to see how you interact. You’re saying “Hi” and “Hey” and learning names like a champ. I’m truly loving this phase and I eat you up every chance I get. 

Love you love you, 



  1. Another sweet reflection of adorable Hudson. My heart smiles when I read this blog. We always said wait till you have your own because there in lies a new found love that you could never imagine. What a beautiful journey and to think someday he'll be able to read this. Love you ❤️

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