Sixteen Months

Calls out every red light

Likes to point and touch my “teeth”
Expert toothbrusher
Beginning to collect stuffed animals in his crib at night 
His blankets are “tee tees” 
Welcomes himself to the pantry for snacks 
Big into pushing things still – lawn mower, vacuum, stroller, grocery cart. 
Can catch, throw and kick a ball 
Eating anything and everything – favorites include black beans, tomatoes, pears, peas and fruit snacks. 
Can sing along to Old McDonald “E-I-E-I-O”
Will say “t you” aka thank you unprovoked (on occasion) 
In the midst of swim lessons and still loves the water. 
Ask him to repeat a word and he’ll do it. 
Obsession with books continue. 
Loves to jam out in the driver’s seat (parked cars people) 
Always wants to be outside 
The best little hugger 
Every night he requests “twinkle twinkle” 
More and more of a mama’s boy and I’m okay with it. 
Choo choo all the things. 
Every morning wants to watch videos on my phone. 
Kisses picture frames around the house. 
Starting to clean up after himself! 
Finally wearing a hat and/or sunglasses longer than 2 seconds. 
And if you ask him how old is his he’ll put up a finger 🙂 


You’re my sweet little babe. Always and always. You seriously light up my days. 
I kiss you a billion times and that’s still not enough. You’re so smart, so sweet and you constantly make me proud. 

If you could stop growing so fast though, mama would appreciate it. 

LOVE YOU, little man. 


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