Going on 3…  

His vocabulary is constantly growing – blinds, water, bottle, puddle, swing, cracker, iceeeee, turtle… I mean the list goes on.
You tell him a word, he’ll try to say it. #littleparrot
Huge eater these days – kid loves some french fries, black beans, chips, asparagus and fruit snacks.
LOVES to brush his teeth. Exhibit A above 🙂
Starting saying/signing “thank you” – proud mama moment.
A blanket boy. Loves him his “teee”
Wants to push anything and everything – vacuum, stroller, toy lawn mower, even his high chair!
Trains “choo choos”, trucks and cars are still his favorite. He likes making them “cashh” = crash.
Trying to learn to color – coloring books and chalk so far.
Asks for ice, juice and cheese standing in front of the refrigerator on the regular.
Wearing mostly 18-24 mo clothes.
Now wants to read two – three books at bedtime AND to sing Twinkle Twinkle 20 times
Makes a perfect siren sound.
Knows of the potty. We’ve yet to explain anything further.
When you sing the ABCs to him he chimes in, perfect timing, with the letter “T”
Officially graduated to a toddler car seat.
I’ll let him pick out his pajamas every once in awhile.
Big bunny, a book and a blanket required for nap time.
Wants to watch videos on my iPhone allll the time. Like alllll the time.
Do You See? game is a favorite.
Gives the best hugs and squeezes my arm with his little hand.
His favorite number is two – if you ask him the number of anything, it’s always two.
And one of my favorite things as of yet, instead of saying”yes” he says “k” with an intense head nod.

On the other hand probably says “no” a hundred times a day. 
Anything new gets a “coooool” or a “whoaaaa” 😉 My kid.


You’re quiet the little man these days. Asking for more, saying please, asking to be put down, the whole thing – you know what you want and learning quick on how to communicate it. 
We had a great week this week – some unexpected, but magical – mommy and baby time. 
We laughed a lot. Talked a lot. Sang a lot. Played a lot. 
Went to story time and I met all your friends. I beam with prided as I watch you interact. As I watch you learn and observe. And I’m not the only one – Miss Mary loves seeing you every Tuesday. But I’m truly the lucky one – I get to pick your sweet face up out of your crib every morning. You usually greet me with a “mama” or “dad-deee” but sit so sweet on my lap and enjoy your morning bottle and we’re both completely content. 
I kiss your head more times than I can count in a day. 
You are the apple of our eye and we love this life with you in it. 

Love you so much my baby. 



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