Baxter of California

Two of my favorite things combined…

Raise your hand if you have a million and one lip balms?

Raise your hand if you, on occasion, steal your man’s lip balm?

This stuff from Baxter of California you BOTH will love.
Cool packaging, mojito-flavored (yummmm!), paraben-free with coconut and jojoba oils. I mean… I’ll take 5, please.

From their BEST SELLERS, AWARD WINNERS, HAIR CARE, SHAVE CARE, SKIN CARE, to yes, CANDLES! It’s a total one stop shop that leaves all the other guy product lines in the d u s t.

Plus, it’s a brand that’s been around forever. Okay, since 1965 but they have an old school mentality with present day practices. Read more about them here.

But here’s why I love them and you will, too:

An auto-replenishment service?! Guys, seriously? 
They are giving away a years supply. You read that right. Check #baxteronhand
They have an old school barber shop in West Hollywood. 

So when you go to buy birthday gifts, host gifts, or even Father’s day gifts – keep Baxter of California in mind.

Now, I’m going to stock up on some things myself.


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