The Sense of Smell w/ Montblanc Cologne

Of all the senses, the sense of smell is really important to me.
And before you get all high and mighty on sight or the ability to hear, I would agree it would never be an ideal situation if you had to choose just one…
But for me, the sense of smell leaves an imprint.

Let me explain…

When I went to Hawaii for the first time in 6th grade, I distinctly remember the smell.
I can’t recall every beach, I can’t remember the taste of the food we ate, but every so often I’ll come across a scent that immediately takes me back there. When we went to Kauai last year, I took in the aroma – the breeze, the flowers, the sweetness of sugar. I will never forget how beautiful those islands smell like.

I remember buying a new perfume the day after our wedding in New York just because I wanted a smell to remind me of that specific time in my life. True story, guys. When I spray it, it immediately takes me back to those enchanting few days.

Do you remember the smell of your grandmother’s house? I do. Which automatically takes me down memory lane as a kid doing dance routines in her living room. A favorite smell of mine is of eucalyptus – takes me back to Aptos, CA where I would see my lovely grandparents and head to the beach. We would fill their guest bath tub with sand when we’d get back.

Do you remember the smell of your first new car? How about the intoxicating scent of your newborn baby? See what I mean!?

The sense of smell is captivating, riveting and so intertwined with memory it’s crazy. 

Well when the opportunity came up to work with Montblanc on their new Legends Spirit Cologne, I took it.

Why? Because I want to create more memories.
Nick doesn’t really wear cologne. Never once have I seen him spritz anything (besides the occasional hair product) during his morning routine. Which is totally fine.

But as a new dad, a cool (majorly cute) one at that, why not try something new?

I remember my dad always smelling so manly. To this day he puts cologne on. Mix it with his sweat from working so hard that day paired with the scruff on his chin, his hugs as a kid where the epitome of hugging a legend. That’s MY dad, folks.

I want to be able to smell Nick down the hall. And I want Hudson to grow up with a distinct smell of his dad, too. I can just picture him putting on one of Nick’s shirts one day and saying “This smells like you, dad!” Guys, am I crazy?

Montblanc is a legendary brand, with iconic craftsmanship and high quality products. Their latest cologne is the perfect blend of masculine, clean and, to not sound too contrive, current.

It’s for the dude that likes really nice things but also loves to get his hands dirty.

Insert Nick.
Insert my dad.
Insert my Uncle Cam.

Do you know a guy like that?


  1. Well, if you are crazy count me in too. I do have the same sense of memories. And yes I do remember the first, in love, walk of the park. And yes every year the smell of spring makes me dream about love and passion. Thank you!

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