Travel Guide: San Cristóbal Baja Mexico


Hotel San Cristobal we flew into the Cabo Airport. We rented a car from Hertz which turned out to be half of the price of private car ride there/back. It was the best impromptu travel decision we made – the drive is super easy (2 main roads) but it’s about 60 mins. So stop at the airport bar for a snack and drink before you head out. Don’t worry the Cabo airport has THREE of them.

We stayed at the Hotel San Cristobal which is a brand new resort by the Bunk Hotel Group out of Texas. The resort is practically picture perfect from every angle and the aesthetic is seriously #goals. They hired local people to run their hotel – no hospitality experience – and kept it very open, natural and small. The hotel has less than 40 rooms with majority of them being pool and/or ocean views. When you drive up you notice bougainvillea and pineapple fields that give it a burst of color but also creates a really cool landscape. They have a chapel on property which has turned into a hot wedding destination – I can totally see why!


We did a whole lotta nothin’ – we read books, sun bathed and ate our weight in guac. But we did do a few things around the hotel that we would totally recommend.

David, their concierge, is a super nice guy and always around. He gave us some details on a local hike that took us around the back of the property, up some hills to some really cool cliff views. The beautiful Pacific was showing off with whale sightings, stunning shoreline and a plethora of cactus.

I also took their free yoga class with Emilie that Tuesday morning – it’s typically at 9AM on the “look out” which has beautiful ocean views. Emilie was a true delight and I loved the class. Highly recommend taking advantage of their yoga classes.

Since we rented a car and Nick forgot a few critical elements (sunglasses & sandals) we drove into town – Todos Santos – and did some shopping. It’s a quaint downtown with local shops and restaurants. We stumbled into a surf shop owned by an American – he’s lived in Baja for 10 years and loves the town. A surfing town that’s a bit of a slower pace than Los Cabos.

On our last night we took a “cooking class” with the chef at Hotel San Cristobal. And I say “cooking class” because it was more of a demonstration than a class BUT I did get to plate some food that we watched him prepare which was super fun. Also, the chef Edgar is INSANELY nice and super talented. So we’d highly recommend the “cooking class.” They even remembered we made mole and presented us with an off menu breakfast item featuring the mole the next morning! It was so good and a really nice touch.


You really can’t go wrong with the food – there are only (2) restaurants on property but there are plenty of menu items to not bore you. Plus, if you find a dish you love – who cares if you order it every morning!? I didn’t.


Breakfast // mexican pastries, cafe, pancakes and omelette were on heavy rotation

Snacks // guac, salsas and freshly made popscicles

Lunch // tacos, fruit plates and salsas

Dinner // sweet potato flautas, seafood stew and polenta

Dessert // it was a toss up every night between the churros or their cheesecake – both phenomenal!


  • Rent a car.
  • Free coffee by the reception in the AM.
  • Free tea by the reception in the afternoon.
  • Free yoga 2-3x a week.
  • They have games (like Scrabble – we played a ton) behind the front desk.
  • Pool view rooms (for the most part) have ocean views from the balcony.
  • Even though they only take reservations for families with kids 12+, a lot of tourists come to the hotel to check it out during the day – so don’t be surprised when you see kids running around. It didn’t bother us, but for some couples it might.
  • Local fisherman use a portion of the beach – they are out there everyday early – it’s kinda a spectacle.
  • Swimming in the ocean was not recommended.


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