At Home with HelloFresh!

Guys, I’m not a chef. Far from it. 
I hit the jackpot when I married a guy that not only is a w h i z through a grocery store, but will actually cook said groceries 4 times a week.  Yeah, you read that right. 
With that said, being a new(ish) family, we try really hard to cook good meals at home during the week. Work days end around 6pm and little man hits the crib before 8pm – so we only have a couple hours together.
But we usually stick to the staples – taco night, chicken/veggies, pork/veggies, spaghetti squash and the occasional homemade pizza. Things that are relatively quick, routine and easy.
But, with HelloFresh!? We’ll eat Jamie Oliver quality meals, I will learn to cook and eat new things AND (the big kicker) we’ll get some of our family time back.
Time, to me, is more luxurious than money.
More time with family doing things we love is the most important thing. Ever.
So I’m excited to hang with my guys in the kitchen and cook up some awesome meals.
Three whole meals to be exact, with the exact ingredients we need. Nothing more, nothing less.
Plus NO stress on Sundays to fit in a grocery store run is like a dream. Our local grocery store is always a total ZOO.

So we’re saying HELLO to HelloFresh and so far the experience has been amazing.

You select your size, your food preferences and frequency. And just like that recipes, ingredients and an adorable apron will arrive at your door. Not sold on it, yet?

How about $35 off your first box? Use code: closet35 at check-out!

Happy cooking, friends!


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