Toddler Routines with Burt’s Bees Baby

M O R N I N G S 

Hudson typically gets up around 7AM everyday. Sometimes a little earlier. 
He’ll talk to his bunny, read a book or play with a car. He likes to gradually wake up, which mama totally appreciates.

While dad is tending to breakfast and his legit coffee routine, I’ll get Hudson up – change his diaper, grab his blanket and we head downstairs.

Breakfast for us is a more casual thing. We get comfy on the couch, put on the Today Show and be together for the next 30 mins or so.

Now that Hudson eats a full breakfast (no bottle!) he sits on my lap and picks at his pancakes or waffles with a side of fruit. As a mama, I soak in the extra loves in the morning before he terrorizes the place. And it’s important that we get that time in the morning as a family.

Usually by 8AM, he and I are up in his room getting ready for the day. We’ll brush his teeth (he’ll ask for his “elmo brush”, brush his hair (okay, sometimes) and pick out an outfit. I typically reach for the comfiest clothes for him and majority of the time you can’t beat the softness of Burt’s Bees Baby. 100% organic cotton, no pesticides and seriously, crazy soft

And he seems to like it, too. Sometimes the Mickey shirt wins, but it’s good having quality options in his drawers ready to wear.

As a mom, you want them in the best – but for me it can’t be crazy expensive and I hate huge logos everywhere. I think Burt’s Bees Baby does it right – classic colors and options with the softest materials. Bonus, their sizing rings true! Love when you can count on a sizing system, especially when your little grows SO stinkin’ fast.

He’s been wearing Burt’s Bees Baby since his itty bitty days – their pajama and hat sets were so perfect! But now he wears their shirts, sweaters and the pajamas on repeat. This tie-die one is a total favorite though. He just looks the cutest in it with his long blonde hair and all 😉


Usually comes quick.

7PM or so we’ll be in dinner mode. We TRY really hard to all eat at the same time and I’d day 70% of the time we do. On occasion Hudson eats first because he’s more tired than usual. We also try to feed him what we’re eating. Spaghetti squash, tacos, meatballs, fresh fruit… but sometimes it’s chicken tenders, sweet potato tots and veggie medley.

His treat after dinner is a fruit snack – he refers to them as “dada snacks.” And then we tackle the bedtime routine as a family.

He get’s a bath every other night and we use Burt’s Bee Baby bubble bath and shampoo / body wash. We’ve been using it since he was a tiny little dude bathing in the sink. We trust the brand and we know it works with his skin, so why change it? He’s a BIG FAN of baths. Kid asks for them all the time no matter the time of day.

When it comes to the pajama, I feel we never have enough. But I quickly learned with having a super tall kid (98 percentile every time) that we need to use the footless sets. So that’s what we do.

The stripe numbers I think are the cutest, kinda baby jail bird type thing, but they are SO soft, comfortable and will grow with him. Which I love that. 

Mix and match a couple sets and all of a sudden you have like 6 different pajama options.

We typically alternate putting Hudson down – which I don’t think I’ll ever take for granted. Nick, you’re amazing.

So we’ll give him a bottle (for a little bit longer anyway) read him a book, okay more like 6, rock him a little bit and then put him in his crib. He’s the sweetest babe and loves his space. Including his crib which might have a Burt’s Bees Baby crib sheet on it 🙂


Lastly, Burt’s Bees Baby is everywhere – Buy Buy Baby, Whole Foods, Target… list goes on. I’m a sucker for them at Whole Foods if I can find his size 😉 

And right now you can get 20% off your order sitewide til Saturday!

Happy weekend, friends! 


  1. Parker just took his first Burts Bees bubble bath last night. We are trying really hard with the 7pm dinner time schedule and in bed by 8pm. Parker doesn't love his space at this point… so it's hard on us… I love that your hubs puts Hudson down too. We are working on that and think that may be part of the puzzle with getting Parker down easier at night.

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