Motherly Musings

To find yourself just staring at your kid and thinking, I made you. 

To want to catch, brace and limit any falls, scrapped knees and/or bruise heads. But deep down you know you can’t. 
To think your kid is smarter than you most days. He knows sign language and well, you don’t. 
Dancing non-stop holding your 25+ lb little in the living room is totally a work out. 
To actually like Sherrif Callie and Doc McStuffins #homegirls 
To have the truck, police siren and dinosaur sound down. 
Before he takes a bite, you do. Because those kid fruit snacks are SO good. 
The thought of saying “13 months” is worse than saying a year.
To find yourself pointing out a bike or a puppy to the adults you’re with. 
To see your little in pure joy and actually feel it. 


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