Wild Flower

When I saw that this book came out, I immediately thought of my sister.
She’s a reader, like REALLY reads a couple books a year (something I envy), she’s also got some hippie and rocker vibes in her, which to me sums up Drew.
Turns out that my sister did read the book and she said she really enjoyed it.

While my husband downloaded All The Light We Cannot See (a longggg, extremely well rated, Pulitzer Prize winning, non-fiction novel) to his iPad, I chose this little delight.

Under 300 pages and perfect for a beach lounge chair and accompanied with a tasty beverage.

I was amazed about her crazy, inconsistent childhood, but I also laughed about her blunt honesty and crazy teenage stories like jumping off a cruise ship. The old school photos she shares are pretty cool, too.

Did you know that she tried out for ET like 9 times? And all because she didn’t land the role in Poltergeist. And that ET was played by (2) young kids that were paraplegic? And all the kids on set where like BFFs. True stories.

I got a little teary eyed during her UN stories and everything she’s doing to help kids with getting access to the simplest of things like water and food. How she has a trust set up for this sweet little girl named Edith with AIDS. Or the chapter about the passing of her father and grandfather.

Throughout the book though, she gushes about being a mom, which brings us to this really crazy relatable level. She opens the book about the struggle of working and being a mom. Writing this book took time away from her kids (I was on a sandy beach in the Caribbean miles away from my little babe) but that at the end of it all,  you are still a fantastic mom and even better for it. Preach, sister. 

I came back from vacation refreshed and in the most insane “all I want to do is be with my kid” kinda mode.

She has a chapter dedicated each of her girls, which is inspiring.

I think this blog (er, portions of it) will be Hudson’s way of reflecting back. A way to learn more about me, his parents, our life and how much I love the shit out of him.

All and all, it’s a nice read.

Any recommendations on my next one? I’ve got a sister to compete with 😉


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