Story time

Story time is the best time

I’ve never seen a baby so into books. He LOVES them.
Yes, an all caps kinda LOVE.

He reads every morning during his diaper change, reads in his crib before every nap and either Nick or I will read him a story before bed.

He can turn pages like the best of them and knows when the book is upside down.
Total professional.

So it was only fitting that when I was at Hallmark recently (yes, those stores still exist and yes, they still have every gift idea under the sun) that I got mister Hudson a book.

Not just any book, the classic A Charlie Brown Christmas book.

It’s Hudson’s first Christmas, which in itself is like the most magical thing ever, but when I merge my love for Christmas into his crazy love for books, it’s pretty awesome 🙂

I wrote a little message to him on the inside back cover. I know he won’t appreciate it now, but he will one day. Guys, cards are great and all, but books are where it’s at. And Hallmark has tons of them (oh and free shipping for orders $50 and up!)

Thanks to Hallmark for helping me remember that life is indeed an occasion. 
And there are so many ways to celebrate it.
Like giving a gift that creates moments, starts traditions and spreads holiday cheer.

Que the Linus and Lucy theme song!

I talked about this super cool lantern that I got at Hallmark, too. I used it all sorts of different ways.
Well, the post also has a giveaway -YAY – have you entered it yet? 🙂


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