Can take 4, 5, 6 steps at a time – full on walking any day now.
Went from two teeth to seven!
Figured out how to grind said teeth.
Has said “mama” and “dada” like he means it.
True loving on his giant bunny lately.
MET Santa and didn’t cry for the first 30 seconds.
Enamored with everything he shouldn’t – dishwasher, cabinets, console table, remote, refrigerator, Roxie’s bed and now, the stairs…
He climbed up the entire staircase his first go.
Give this kid leaves and he’ll be the happiest camper.
Mini gold fish are his jam.
At a point where he loves being in his car seat. We thought that would n e v e r happen.
I know I sound like a broken record but books, books and more books.
Drinks out of his own water cup with a straw.
Makes a perfect elephant noise.
Does this foot shuffle thing when he’s super happy. We think it’s an equivalent to a dog wagging his tail.
Can laugh on demand. It’s pretty darn cute.

My man,

This mama of yours is already planning your FIRST birthday party. With parties, birthdays, Christmas and then New Year’s I don’t want it to be a last minute scramble. I want it to be great. Because you’re great. 
I swear everyday you grow leaps and bounds. You’re changing before our eyes and I wish time would just slow down a second. I must say though, you’re the sweetest little man. You say hello to practically everyone, share your food and give the best hugs. You’ve been super cuddly lately, which I think is because you’ve sprouted like 4 new teeth in the past week! But regardless, I’ll take it. Seeing you around all our Christmas lights and watching you boogie to holiday tunes makes me smile SO big. This time of year has always been my favorite, but you kid, you make it magical. The world is merrier and brighter with you in it little man. 

Mama loves you. 


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