Growing up I don’t necessarily remember what brands I wore.
I mean yeah in middle school and high school when Abercrombie was it.

But like grade school…. only a few come to mind.
I remember picking up some Jerry Rice Nike’s at the Nike Store in San Francisco one day.
The 8 story building covered in super cool gear – I was in little athlete heaven.

Even before that though the one brand that I clearly remember would be Keds.
My sweet grandma would buy me a pair every year. And it was typically around Easter time.
I have a vivid memory of wearing these white ones with hearts and clovers around the ankle a day or two before I was supposed to…. and I scuffed my toe on the porch stairs. My heart sank.
My new (need to be perfect white Keds for Easter) had a dark brown spot. I tried so hard to get it out, but with no prevail. Of course my grandma didn’t care, but I did.

Even though I remember “ruining” my pristine white Keds, it does still remind me of my childhood, the smell of eucalyptus in Santa Cruz in the Spring and my grandparent’s golf course home that I would purchase now in a New York minute.

Needless to say I think I’ll always buy Keds – the patterns are fun, they are crazy comfortable and the memories are still so sweet.

Old Navy cardigan | UO tank | AE jeans | Keds for Madewell | c/o Jorde Watch


  1. Nice look, really nice. I also have my favorite brands I buy products again and again. Not because other wouldn't take the chance but I'm also loyal. It's feeling good with what became familiar over the years.

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