Motherly Musings

Photo: Alli Schiller 

As much as you might miss the itty bitty babe, this little tiny human with a personality will continuously melt your heart.
Holy teeth! They change their appearance so much, but it’s so great when they can start feeding themselves. I know this kid will eat us out of house of home one day.
To burst with pride when strangers, even friends, mention how advanced and smart your little is.
When you see your babe with another babe their age – it’s so stinkin’ cute.
To be adamant when you document their firsts – first bike ride, first ice cream cone… you know the real firsts. Ps. we use an app Baby Connect for all things Hudson.
It’s okay to not conform to to a regular routine – he goes where we go, when we go.
When you get on your phone but get side tracked and look at baby photos for 15 mins.
To not just watch, but to participate and encourage his inquisitive, independent self. “You can do it! Big walker!” #bepresent
Actually talk to your 10 month old like he’s an adult and expect others to do the same – no baby talk, please.
When you buy baby goldfish for your tot and well, you both casually eat them when you’re out.
Baby belly laughs are the best medicine.
To start planning your babe’s first birthday two months out – granted he’s a New Year’s Day baby and well, as much as I’d like to make it a “simple” thing, the mom in me wants it to be  p e r f e c t.
With the holidays fast approaching you’re constantly thinking about all the things you can get your babe (hello, FIRST Christmas), but to also be practical – how can you give to other children*

And isn’t this photo amazing? My big guy and I got tons of photos from this mere little hour that I will cherish all my life. And I’ll be sharing those soon. 

*Nick and I did a Kmart trip a few years back and loaded up a bunch of toys and donated them. I think we’ll do the same thing, but also go through toys Hudson has outgrown and give them away. Being a mom, you almost have this insatiable urge to help other children and the holidays are a perfect time to do so. 


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