Motherly Musings

When you see other kids you can’t help but imagine what yours is going to be like at that age
To not fully understand the cuteness of baby shoes til your babe starts to wear them #gamechanger
To be those parents that ask their server if they have bananas and plain sweet potatoes in the back
Being totally and utterly honest to other future moms in regards to things no one told you
To still laugh til you cry when they make the poop face
Can’t. Give. Up. The. Pump. (even though the supply is drying up) #dedicated
It’s okay if your babe is seven months and his nursery is still not complete
Crazy emotions when you go on your first trip without the little one.
Even though the Honest Co. diapers have been leaking at night, doesn’t mean he can’t sport the cute diaper prints during the day.
To be a sucker for “mom” clothes – like this tee and sweater 🙂
Everything turns into a song
To catch yourself just as intrigued by the cartoons on the screen
The need to document everything – like every first, every giggle and every smile.


  1. I love you…I love the wonder of your mind and this journey of being “Mom” continues.He is one lucky little man..I are my daughter ..I was blessed with you…

  2. These are my favorite posts! So relatable! I'm so impressed by your dedication to breastmilk! Good for you! I know you can keep it up! And don't worry because he'll also be eating sweet potatoes and stuff to fill his tummy, right? 🙂

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