Through high school and college I always thought that leggings should not be worn as pants outside the gym. I think we’ve all been burned by someone wearing leggings before. 
However, with this new baby business I think these will probably be a life saver through the fall and winter months. 
And a lot of the girls around here (Rifle) wear them and if you style them right, I will totally take it back – leggings can be worn as pants. 
Here are my legging tips: 
  1. Don’t buy them too tight
  2. Thicker the better (don’t want see through!)
  3. Cover up the tushy – or attempt to. 
I thought this was very work appropriate – dark leggings, a long menswear woven and loafers. Not to mention I was extremely comfortable the entire [insert: rainy] day.
So my new mantra – leggings can be worn as pants.  
Leggings c/o Kohl’s | RL woven | UO loafers (similar)


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