Mini Park City Moon

After our trip to New York we headed to Park City.
It’s a place that has become an amazing winter vacation spot for us.
We tackle snow, snowboarding and the cold together.
It’s a time where work comes second, or not even at all, and we can just “be.”

We rang in the new year at High West and met some really fun and interesting people. It ended up being perfect since we found our “typical” place at the bar. I was with two great people and had a super yummy cocktail. Or two.

Five days on a mountain with my love was a great start to the year.

Some of our favorite things in Park City include: 

Gourmet breakfasts – either scones, biscuits or cinnamon rolls w/ eggs and bacon. And yes, fresh pour over coffee. 
Baba beers by the fire after a day on the slopes
The brass decor in the apartment
High West Distillery
Amazing Mexican restaurants 
Fresh baked chocolate chip cookies at the mountain lodges
Sammies Bistro 
Jamming to Justin Timberlake – Spaceship Coupe

til our next trip!


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