Father’s Day Gift Ideas

For me – whether it’s for my dad or for Nick anything music related is usually a big win. Kids will always make something cute and I love doing the mad-libs for them too, but if you want something a little thoughtful and plays to their music obsession here are a few good ideas:

  1. Vinyl Me Please – hands down the best gift I’ve given Nick and it’s been easily 4 or 5 years now. He gets a new vinyl every month in the mail that will round out the perfect vinyl collection
  2. Vinylify – a cool source to put your own music on vinyl. We did this for my dad and put some of his own recordings and the song we wrote for him on his own personal vinyl.
  3. Bowers & Wilkins – from speakers to amps to headphones. This brand is coveted around our house.
  4. Turntable – Shinola doesn’t make this one anymore, which is a bummer but this was an anniversary gift that really keeps on giving. It’s a piece of art in our living room and gets a ton of love.
  5. Retroviewer (not music related) but it’s a super cool way to gift photo memories. We do a new reel for every father’s day and love this collection we’ve started.

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